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A brief update …

Well, that was Christmas … hope you all had a fine one!

Our diaries are rapidly filling with rehearsal, more rehearsal and (for variety) yet more rehearsal. We’ve even got a tentative date for recording, on the grounds that a deadline will keep our noses more firmly to the grindstone. Real Life, of course, keeps trying to intrude, but we are hanging in there and sternly rejecting its blandishments.

If you are interested, we will be recording at Punch Studios in the heart of lovely Ipswich – look ’em up!

The preliminaries begin …

Well, we’ve had a brief taster session in the studio with our new sound engineer and we’ve all decided that we like each other and the studio enough to go ahead with the album. We’ve ironed out (or made plans to iron out) a few of the practical problems which made themselves known … like the fact that Sue spits out consonants as if she was trying to get rid of them, and the fact that, whatever we do, a single music stand will never do for all three of us if we are actually looking at the music on it. And slippers and beer are studio essentials!

Lots of rehearsal now!

Objective achieved!

An afternoon spent singing, changing our mind about set lists, eating and drinking tea. That’ll be a Triangle Sunday, then! And this evening, a visit to the Mulberry Tree session.