Monthly Archives: March 2014

Two Down, One to Go

All the photographs are on pages and both Time Out Of Mind and Felixstowe Nativity are on Bandcamp. I don’t think I have the patience to upload Journeys yet, I need a break, particularly as the nightmare that is the PRS site calls.

The Hard Graft

So, with one hand I edit photographs for a picture gallery page, with the other I upload tracks to Bandcamp and, with my nose, I register songs with the PRS. But we’re getting there! Really, we are!

Ooh! Exciting!!

It looks as though it will be possible to do our next album as a “live” recording in the space we want to do it. Lovely stuff! Now, about some rehearsals …

Decisions, decisions …

… all the time, decisions!

What to use as a header image? Which piccies to upload and where to put them? Which old pages to include and in what order? It’s a nightmare – but a very pleasant one!

What are Triangle up to?

Well, what are we up to, indeed! There’s so much to be done that we barely know where to start. Mim has now taken charge of running the band properly and is currently preparing a strategy for us. This is a little bit scary! One thing we know will be involved is a major re-branding exercise, so parts of the website will be disappearing and re-appearing in a completely different format. At the moment, the Picture Gallery is not being updated and we have taken down most of the recent pages. You will soon be able to buy songs individually rather than having to shell out for complete albums, and … and …Oh, my poor head!