What a marvellous day!

Saturday in leafy Warwickshire, and participating in a terrific little festival with Gerry Colvin, Marion Fleetwood, Red Shoes, Celandine, Fred’s House, Daniel Nestlerode … And … And … Oh, my brain’s gone numb! We were thrilled not only to perform in our own right but also to be three-fifths of the Red Shoes backing singers. As we say, “Instant backing vocals, just add beer!” Can we do it again next year, pretty, pretty please?IMG_0767

A rare chance …

Piracy seems to have taken over our lives recently – not that we are complaining – but it does mean that Triangle gigs are, at the moment, rather few and far between. However, you lucky folk, you have the chance to see us live and in person at …

Knittedalong with a lot of very fine bands. Go on, as they say, you’d be a knit to miss it!

We’re still here …

After a somewhat hectic summer of weddings, choral singing and appearing in our pirate disguises as 60% of Captain Morgan’s Rum Do we’re getting back into rehearsing and performing mode with our Triangle hats on. You may have missed our brief appearance, busking before the Trianon Music Group‘s concert in September, but we will be appearing at the Oxjam Festival in Bury St Edmunds on Saturday, 25th October (we’re on at about 2.30 pm) and we will also be at Loughton Folk Club‘s annual Protest Night on Sunday, 2nd November in aid of Amnesty International. This is always a good, thought-provoking evening which also manages to be great fun.

We will be running our Seasonal Session at the Dove Street Inn on Sunday 14th December, so, whether you plan to celebrate Yule, Christmas, Chanukah or any other mid-winter festival (or none at all) please come along. We usually get under way at around 2 pm until, until … well, until we run out of steam, really, which could be anything between 5 pm and chucking-out time.

Objective achieved!

An afternoon spent singing, changing our mind about set lists, eating and drinking tea. That’ll be a Triangle Sunday, then! And this evening, a visit to the Mulberry Tree session.

It works!

Huge cheers for Sue for the immense amount of work she has put in to updating the website over the last few weeks. And today, I am pleased to report that my admin login works, so that’s another little bit falling into place!